Conner Cruise is Following in Mom and Dad’s footsteps.

Conner Cruise seems to be following in his parents footsteps as people magazine explains. Conner will be making his big debut on the big screen in the upcoming film Seven Pounds starring Will Smith invitation cards for free.

13 year old Conner is no stranger to movie sets growing up with his Mother Nicole Kidman and Father Tom Cruise. Conner will be playing a young version of Will Smith in a very minor role youtube ausschnitt downloaden. Even though he has many famous acting mentors on his side, Conner still had to audition for the part.

A source from People Magazine said "Tom Cruise is so proud of his son Conner." Other co-stars of the film include Woody Harrelson and Rosario Dawson indesign testversion herunterladen. The Columbia Pictures Film is still in production. No word yet on the actual release date of the film.