LgUsa.com/Scarlet Hot New TV’s from LG Electronics

LG is going all out with the Premiere of the LG Scarlet line of HDTV’s.

I’m pretty pscyhed about these TV’s.  The Scarlet series is a set of LED backlit LCD’s, with 120hz upconversion.  The result is a breathtaking picture when attached to Blu-ray or HD-DVD. 

But when push comes to shove this is not the only brand on the market with these features.  Samsung has the same features at the same price, and generally offers better upconversion for SD signals, and the ability to set 120hz mode per input which is important because the upconversion adds about 6 frames of delay which makes first person shooters feel laggy, and “breaks” support for the light gun in Wii whatsapp spion kostenlosen.

The LED back light gives extreme contrast ratios, and lasts for pretty much forever, and uses about 50% less power than traditional Compact Fluorescent Backlighting found in other LCD’s.  And about 1/3 the power used in a plasma dvd cover downloaden.

The Built in speakers are “invisible” but suck.  You aren’t going to experience 5.1 with them.  And you can’t cheap out on the home theatre receiver because you are going to have to add 180ms of delay to the signal, which most sub $1000 receivers won’t do.  Or suffer with Seeing explosions, gun shots, and lips move before you hear them hearts download.

LgUsa.com/Scarlet Hot New TV's from LG Electronics us.lge.com/scarlet www.LgUsa.com/Scarlet LG USA An interesting port on the LG Scarlet is the USB in, used for displaying images from a USB stick.  Interesting because I expected a Multi-card reader instead, I’m guessing that requiring you to move the images helps with the JPG requirement as the display will not render RAW, or PNG images.  Nor would it play any type of AVI, FLV, MOV, or, MPG visual studio c++ download for free.