American Idol David Archuleta Gets No Prom!

American Idol singer David Archuleta will not be able to attend his High School Prom due to Idol’s rules. All of the contestants are on lock down herunterladen. Their strict rules about not letting any of the contestants out of their sight on the weekends, applies to everyone. Absolutely no exceptions.

David’s Prom takes place this weekend in Murray, Utah schriftart century gothic download kostenlos. It is a definite no go for him. It may be a disappointment, then again at the same time he is one of the top 6 in the contest and he is staying strong fonts helvetica kostenlos download.

The sweet soft spoken 17 yr. old singer auditioned for this season’s American idol and  has made a big impression on us all. David suffered from partial vocal paralysis  a while back, but refrained from a risky surgery herunterladen. He made a miraculous recovery. Believing in his dreams and never giving up  his angelic like voice continues to steal the hearts of teenage girls around the world. 

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