Police release Video so Teens Can’t?

In the law enforcement are stupid category.  8 teens were arrested for planning the beating of a 16 year old girl, for the purpose of posting it to YouTube.  After making the video the girl goes to the police, and rather than making sure it doesn’t end up in the media, they release it facebook manager.

I can see that Victoria’s parent’s would want the video out there to further criminalize the kids, maybe… but more likely I’d think they wouldn’t want their daughter to be Internet famous as that girl who got ambushed by her friends champions league hymne herunterladen.

And for certain if I were the parents of the kids who did the beating, right, wrong or in different releasing a video of a minor should not be possible with out parental consent, and unless they are going to drop all charges as part of the deal, you don’t want the media touching what will be certain to have big penalties as the result of the press the video receives herunterladen.

What’s next? In Further news Police distribute meth so that dealers can’t?  Police shoot victim to prevent man from committing murder?  If the point of arresting these kids is to minimize the impact of the crime finishing the job and publicizing the video far more than the kids ever could have is not the way to handle the situation herunterladen.