Launched! A truly Hybrid Search / Research Engine went live last night.  The front page is ugly, I don’t have as many human edited pages as I would like, but it is day one, and this is the first step.  In the coming days you will start to see better and better results pages, and more “Category” templates.

Not all results will be hand edited, but more and more topics will get classified into a category which will give results tuned to that category type.

What is

It is a hybrid of traditional computer generated results, human classifications of results, and human generated content.  Keep in mind that was built in about 150 hours by one guy. (Brandon Wirtz).

What isn’t

A replacement for Google, Yahoo, or Search results.  Because we don’t index specific pages you will never be able to find a specific phrase on a site, but you will find specific phrases in titles, topics, and categories. 

A clone.  The biggest difference between our results and results is that we have results for pretty much everything on the planet. only has results for topics that people have written results for.  Much like Mahalo, creates relevant links to sites that we think would best help you find answers to your searches, but our results change dynamically based on trends for the topic.  For example if your favorite actor gets hit by a bus, we will switch from being 100% links to that actors works and biographies to a blend of links about that actors works, and news results about the recent incident.

What will become?

ISayHello is working hard to add features almost hourly.  Things like Game Walk Through / Cheat Data Bases, and Biographies of everyone on the planet.   Some of these will just be willed in to existence and improve all of the results they are tied to, and others will be a process.  (we can’t have a biography of everyone until you submit yours now can we?)

ISayHello is also working on relationships with other “engines” so that we can bring you results for the best price on products related to your searches when appropriate.

How does work? works like many search engines, but is a “Just in Time” search engine.  We Scour a huge number of places based on the type of search we think your topic is, and return results on that topic.  We cache those results for a time, but if you come back in a few days you may get different, likely better results.

Our results take a little longer to “come back” than other search engines because of this, but we think we get better results because of this extra time.  If you are doing a search that someone else has done recently you will be served a cached results and should get a fast response.  As this is the beta very few speed optimizations have been made, so expect that results will get faster over time.

How can I help with

We will be posting various ways you can contribute.  So check back every so often.  We will also be running contests, and posting full time positions.