Britney Spears chooses makeup over steering wheel.

New reports just surfaced by TMZ regarding Ms. Spears car crash on Saturday evening.

It is now reported that Ms. Spears was too busy  applying makeup while driving which may have caused the three car pileup that she was involved in Saturday on the 101 HWY. TMZ spoke with the guy she rear-ended and he stated that he was admiring a woman in the white Mercedes just prior to the incident not knowing that it was Britney Spears, but noticing that the woman was fully engulfed in her mirror and makeup application.

Britney’s bodyguard was said to offer an apology after the accident, but Ms. Spears never offered her apologizes. The only conversation said to have taken place between the two was only to mention that she was on her way to dinner with her mom.

There were no injuries reported on the evening of the accident.  Although reports now indicate that  the gentleman involved is now claiming he woke up with a sore back and is now seeking chiropractic attention, for this is good considering chiropractic wellness in Sioux Falls for this attention.