Satellite Internet from HughesNet, Tweaks Optimizing for Mountain Living Part 1

The HughesNet installer was here about 2 hours the install was relatively quick and straight forward.  The dish is barely 15 feet from the modem which made for short work, and good signal. 

Benchmarking the solution I have 2024k down and 295k up, faster than the 1.5m/256k which is advertised.  Altitude apparently helps, and having a good installer, and a clear view also helps minecraft hacks 1.8 deutsch kostenlos.

Tomorrow my Xincom Dual-Wan Load balancer arrives so that I can bond my Satellite Internet with my EVDO Internet which should give me the best of both worlds, and make for a very livable solution for about $150 a month.  ($79.99 for Hughes and $59.99 for Sprint) avira antivirus kostenlos downloaden windows 10.

Pages load pretty snappy, but they load much snappier after setting

HKEY_USERS.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\

MaxConnectionsPerServer  & MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server to 32 and 24 respectively herunterladen.

The thing that slows down page loads the most is that you have wait 1 second before you actually start to download the page,  the browser has to read the page, then it can request all of the other things it needs.  If there is CSS that can add 1 second as well download old ebay version.

I’m hoping that I can rectify some of this with the XINCOM. 

I’ll hopefully have that post tomorrow.