10 things Congressman Mark Kirk should ban in Schools before Second Life

For those of us who pop in to Second Life every Friday to listen to Science Friday from NPR, it seems odd that Mark Kirk would want to ban the service in Schools filmeen ohne internet.

There are quite a few educational spots in Second Life.

Mark Kirk says there are also virtual Rape Rooms, and Virtual Drug deals, going on in second life.  I must have missed those, but then I’m not a congressman so I don’t know the best place to get hookers and blow herunterladen.

I think perhaps we should ban everything from our schools that includes scenes of drugs or rape.

The top of my list.

  1. Roots: It was shown in my history class, but there are several scenes with torture and rape including a graphic and extremely violent nine-minute rape scene wpad.dat herunterladen.
  2. Sherlock Holmes: He is a smoker, and when a great depression sweeps over him, he has been known unfortunately to indulge in Cocaine-injecting himself with a 7% solution icloud alle fotos auf iphone herunterladen.
  3. Romeo and Juliet: Juliet is not yet 16 but is having sex.  Constituting statutory rape.
  4. Yellow Submarine: This popular Beatles Song is in most school marching bands library, and is about LSD
  5. The Color Purple: This movie which was Oprah Winfrey’s film debut is at its core a story of Rape and Abuse older os x.
  6. Yahoo:  Sure the main site is safe, but have you read Yahoo Answers?  Or Yahoo Personals? Or Yahoo Groups which includes groups like “Drunken Sluts”
  7. Google: Just turn off Safe Search and see what you can come up with.  No age Verification required videos from amazon prime.
  8. iTunes: There is plenty of Explicit Lyrics tracks on iTunes and if you have a Gift Card you can by what ever.
  9. Wikipedia: You can search for Meth on Wikipedia and get 90% of the recipe for making it pop up blocker herunterladen.
  10. Hair Ties:  There was this school game with sex bracelets… some say it is an urban legend… but you can’t be too safe, should probably ban Hair ties, Scrunchies and banana clips too diashow programm download kostenlos.

Where are all of these kids Playing Second Life?  You have to install it, so it is not just “On” every computer, and it is not a small install, so you aren’t going to leisurely install it, and most libraries and schools don’t let you install software, or if you do CleanSlate, or Fortress uninstalls it when you are done.  That is a lot of work to play a game for a few minutes owa zertifikat herunterladen.