Initial Impressions of Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4) Liberty City and how to Cheat to get some easy Achievements

I haven’t played as many hours of GTA4 as some, but I have played more than expected, but I racked up about a fourth of the achievement points in the first hour (no cheat codes required).  Grand Theft Auto IV has the most realistic look and feel of any of the titles to date.  And Liberty City (New York) Feels more “right” than other titles remote app herunterladen.

That said I feel like I’m in a Japanese Dating Sim when playing the game.  I seem to spend most of my time driving to pick up Roman to go play darts, or driving to Michelle’s to go get dinner, and then go back to her place, so I can hear watered down pillow talk, and have my controller shake rnv display timetables to download.

Grand Theft Auto IV Liberty City GTA4 Cheats Achievements Review

The quality of the cut scenes for the stories are good, and the story does seem to engage me more.  I like the idea that I am playing a man who doesn’t really want to be a bad guy.  Niko seems more like a guy out of his element than other GTA leads vimeo videos download mac.

On to what you are really interested in.  Easy Achievements.

One Man Army: this is the easiest.  You can take the walking path over the bridge to the next island, half way across you will have full wanted level.  Just pick a safe spot on the stair way on the other side and wait 5 minutes.  If you want you can steal an armored Swat vehicle and drive for 5 minutes but that is less of a sure thing, but more fun herunterladen.

Warm Coffee:  Take Michelle on 3 dates.  The first one they pick for you, the second one steal a nice SUV then take her to the bar, get some new clothing a single piece will do before the third and take her for pool.  Let her win by a small amount, then press your luck at her place herunterladen.

Driving Mr. Bellic: Don’t crash when driving Michelle back to her house while you are drunk.

Score 180 at darts: When hanging out with Roman playing Darts throw into the 60 point (inner circle in the 20 point section) 3 times download child protection on the internet free of charge.

Wheelie Rider:  Pick a long downhill stretch and use a dirt bike.

Rolled over:   Take an ambulance a long hill with a corner that has a guard rail.  Go down the hill hand brake turn so you hit the rail.  You should roll at least 5 times word 1 maand for free.

Chain Reaction:  Go to the freeway.  Use a large truck to block the lanes, pull people from the cars smash the cars into the divider to soften them up, and stack them very close together, shoot a car until it explodes and it will take the others with them herunterladen.


That should get you a good start.  and you can do all of these in under 3 hours.