Xbox 360 Motion Sensor

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Wishing your Xbox 360 had that 6 axis feature of the PS3?  No? Me neither, but you are getting it wether you like it or not.  The “Spring” dashboard update will bring the ability to sense motion from the controller.  This could be one of two things.  A new 6 axis controller competitor “lame”, or a Wii style controller “rad”.  I’m guessing it means both.  Wii is doing amazingly well with it’s casual games, something Microsoft has been trying to tap with the Xbox Arcade.  Combining the Micro-Game approach with the get off the couch approach Microsoft could have a hit with the new Motion Sensitive controller videos von mavic air herunterladen.

Now when I go on dates with Michelle, I can bowl her over with my mad skills.  (GTA4 bowling sucks, and not in the happy fun way)

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