iTablet? iSlate? iPhone Jumbo?

Not sure what it is going to be called, but Zdnet Germany has news that Apple is releasing an iPhone that is larger and uses the tiny 45nm transistor Atom Chip from Intel 64 bit or 32 bit.

The Phone which doesn’t have a name yet will sport a 720×480 display, come in 16 and 32 gig sizes, and will not fit in your front pants pocket herunterladen.

My German is weak…

At Intel’s 40th Birthday Event. The semiconductor company while at Munich BMW Germany managing director Hannes Schwaderer confirmed today, what circulated already for some time as rumor on the Internet: indeed  it will power an iPhone with Intel’s new Atom chip herunterladen. The equipment is however somewhat larger than the current variant, like that Schwaderer. That is however not because of the Intel chip, but because of the larger display, which is used in the new iPhone kinder hörbücher kostenlos downloaden mp3.

This is not the 3g variant, but it will likely support 3g, though there is rumor that this is a WiMax enabled device.

intel powered iphone islate itablet