Stacey I know where you are

5 Ways Your Gadgets Will Betray Your Privacy is just the beginning Stacey.  I have seriously considered just showing up EVERY where Scoble twitters he is going, just to prove why I his experience and everyone else’s with the product are not the same herunterladen.

But back to Stacey and her gadgets.  If you play much with Google Analytics you get some neat data, the more sites you have the more data you can get about people, but Google doesn’t show you everything they see windows movie maker 2010 kostenlos deutsch.

I can build a Face book ad that will pretty much only be seen by you and 100 people you don’t know who have a close enough profile to be your doppleganger cossacks herunterladen.

But far more impressive is what I can do with your iPhone an a metro wifi.

Drive a car with bluetooth?  Chances are I can know when you are passing under an over pass, or along a mile marker, anywhere I want to scan for signals.  And your car’s bluetooth is likely always on, unlike many Cell phone users who don’t have their BT enabled linux kostenlos deutsch.

Did you clip all the RFID’s out of your clothes?  Many clothes have RFID’s in the labels that get taken out of inventory rather than actually are made non-functional, and many of the non-functional ones just have had their range reduced.  A better antenna makes them work just fine, from 20 feet away herunterladen.

But Twitter.  Twitter is one of the worst.  Because all your friends betray you icloud fotosen windows 10.