The Holy Grail

Gen X is not their parents generation. Generation X is the Holy Grail in demographics.  More expendable income, trendier, and willing to bring their kids along for the ride netflix browser herunterladen.

Knight Rider, Beverly Hills 90210, S Club 7, Battle Star Galactica, Dr. Who, the hit shows for 2008 are the same shows that were a hit in 1988, but unlike last time around the shows that the kids want to watch ARE the shows their parents want to watch free youtube to mp3 converter kein video zum downloaden.

The shows that brought a chill to the spines of conservative boomers are back, and grittier than ever.

This is pure gold for the CW which is taking its demographic from 16-30 to 16-48 with nearly twice the age demographic, CW will see twice the viewership, Advertisers with cross generational demographics will also benefit.  For the first time you will see ads that can engage both the teens that want the item and the parents that will be buying the items landscape pictures to.

I tend to trend towards GenY but I’m still excited about this fall line up.