Time Capsule, Mac Networks

A while back Jason Calacanis said that one way to cut start up costs was to fire your IT guy and get a bunch of Mac’s the other day, he was twittering that he was looking for a Mac IT guy.  Om Malik twittered today that his Time Capsule was destroying his network icloud drive all files.

I’m fighting with Christina’s Mac which keeps getting an IP address from school with a 2 year lease that it then wants to bring to our network.  Which is a better problem than the other day when it had used 198 of the 200 Ip’s I made available on the network zdfen.

Mac should stick to “fun” products that don’t require a high reliability.  Mac is becoming the Rolex of the computing world amazon prime videos am mac herunterladen. (anyone who has owned a Rolex will get this)  But why are people still buying in? 

Why is Jason pushing Google Docs instead of Open Office at his startup?  Why is Om Using a consumer device in his corporate environment?  Too many people in the Tech Space are looking at new tech rather than proven tech, and it is biting them on the you know what herunterladen.

I’m using Om, and Jason as examples, and their small uses are not “big deals” but more indicative of a trend.  I have had several recent encounters that I can’t talk about because of NDA which demonstrate that the industry has shiny bobble syndrome, chasing after whatever the new hotness is before it has had a chance to be proven tom tom mydrive downloaden.

Some of this may just be me pining for my old reliable Jeep Wrangler with no computer or parts that weren’t end user serviceable, but more of this is just a general, why not take the devil you know bwin android herunterladen.