Wanted: Ninja Warrior to Guard Digital Doorstep

I have to agree with Mark Evans I Hate to be Rude But… unlike Scoble I don’t want to be drown in the noise.  Scoble may be swimming in it, but I don’t have the time, or patience for everyone who wants to make short posts, automated accounts of my friends actions, or in actions.  Between Linked In, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and a host of IM clients I have enough virtual socialization to be the next Paris Hilton adobe flash player op ipad.

When someone walks up to you at a real world event and says “Hey” and you don’t know who they are other than as CDY1999 you have a problem teamviewer old versions.

I try to only accept invites from people I have met, but I’m pushing 500 people on my LinkedIn, and I can’t be much of a friend to 500 people.  I mean if I give each one an hour a day, I’m looking at a part time job, just maintaining my friend ships audio bibel kostenlos herunterladen.

There was an Episode in which my Nemesis Steven Colbert was talking about the 15,000 friends he had on Myspace, and was talking to a counselor about having so many friends, and how fullfilled that should make him.  Well if you have 5000 “friends” you and quit your job and do nothing in your 16 waking hours a day but talk to them you can spend 51 minutes a year with each of them music notes to.

I like depth.  I would rather read Harry Potter than the Readers Digest condensed version.  I buy books, I don’t just read the Jackets.  I like movies, and I watch more than just the trailer, (though there is getting to be less motivation to do so) whatsapp automatischen.