Are you looking for a job? Invitation to with Invite Code

I got an e-mail invitation to ( invite code bwbc1 ) and thought I’d share the love.  The premise seems sound.  And they are worth joining if for no other reason than you can browse other candidates resume’s which is good if you want to know what the competition in your skill areas look like herunterladen.

There is no ability to spell check your entries so if you want to stand out cut and paste from Word, because there are a lot of people with Dule, and Duel Roles, rather than Dual Roles.  I very much would like the Duel Role of defending the Network, and increasing usability.  “En Guard herunterladen! You hacker scum”.

It also amused me that they were in the same building as Akimbo which I worked at.  Otherwise I’d likely have skipped over the invite schriftart century gothic download kostenlos.