Shopping Online, The Economics of Gas Tax, and The May Second Gas Strike

I’m tempted to drive down the hill and put gas in my car which doesn’t need it, just to annoy the people who organized today’s Gas Strike (which is actually a Gas Boycott, but no need to piss off the idiots who organized it) itunes video herunterladen.

Gas is subject to supply and demand, and while I suspect that big oil is making more than they should, I don’t think that not buying gas one day will make any difference.  If the organizers had wanted to make a change, then they would have sponsored take public transportation week.  Which even 250k people doing for a week would significantly reduce the amount of gas they used and lower the price of gasoline a month from now herunterladen.

There is also a big debate about a gas tax holiday.  Which I don’t think will do anything except mean we have to pay more taxes later.  The problem with supply and demand is that as the price drops the demand increases, so if we dropped the price by 15% demand would go up and drive the price back to where it was originally.  If American wants to lower the price of gas, we need to look at shipping more things by Rail, taking more public transportation and like me work from home. 

I use about 4 gallons of gas a week right now.  What is your number?  I could be quite happy with gas at $10 a gallon because it would not change my driving habits at all, and there would be fewer cars on the road so I would get to where I was going faster, and using less gas as I would have less stop and go traffic. 

I think I could reasonably tolerate $20 a gallon gas for driving.  It is shipping that might kill me.  After all I do have to get food and if milk delivered by Semi had to pay $20 a gallon that could be a problem amazon appstore herunterladen.

I do think that there could be positive outcomes if we raised the taxes on Gasoline and lowered or waived them for commercial trucking, and offered subsidies to encourage rail shipping.  This would be great for the Tech industry, the environment and the start of a long term solution prince of persia für pc kostenlos downloaden.

By getting people out of the retail space and on to the Internet we could make a huge change in the environmental impact of shopping.  Having merchandise delivered means not having to light, air condition, and allocate as many square feet to store front.  It would also keep people at home not driving, which would reduce traffic, emissions, and would also reduce the time they spend in transit which leaves them more time to get "work" done tomtom xxl herunterladen.

This is the opposite of what New York state wants kindle ebook herunterladen.  As they are finding ways to make shopping online less appealing with their Amazon Tax.

Want to reduce your carbon foot print.  Work from home, shop online teamviewer downloaden windows 7.