Grand Theft Auto Vs. Iron Man Which was a better $60

Before you say Iron Man isn’t $60…  $10 for a ticket, one for me, on for my GF is $20.  Fandango adds $2 to each we are at $22.  Now if you are taking a girl to a Movie you need to get dinner first, so Olive Garden sims 4 inhalteen? On the Border? Unless we are going to Taco Bell I’m going to spend $38 on food.  That makes Iron Man $60.  If you got GTA at Circuit City you could get it for $50 which put food at $28 herunterladen.

In any event…  I liked Iron Man but I could have been just as happy with it on DVD, since I have a very nice home theatre.  Iron Man was predictable and if you saw the trailer you saw everything that was going to happen.  The only bit I didn’t know in advance was that you get to see a bit of skin from Leslie Bibb (Brooke McQueen on WB’s Popular).  The rest of the plot was spelled out in the trailer and most of the one liners, and special effects were as well tft.

Grand Theft Auto seems to be an emasculated version of the previous titles.  I’m enjoying it, but it is not the Death and Destruction that the previous versions were.  Honestly I don’t think either one was worth $60.  And the thing that will hurt Iron Man the most is Harold and Kumar.   But Harold and Kumar could be hurt by GTA, the same mindless crowd would like both of those.  And that demographic has less entertainment budget herunterladen.