Friend Connect

Google is introducing a Web site tool called Friend Connect today that promises to extend the reach of social networks such as Facebook to any site that wants to use the tool funny birthday videos to download.

That’s right, now when I Google your name instead of getting your Linked in Page I’m going to see that your secretary bought you as her pet, and that your boss fed you to his werewolf friend, and that my brain is bigger than yours pc spieleen kostenlos vollversionen.

I don’t need 95% of the data I have about what is going on in my friends and colleagues lives, why on earth would I want more?

I can see it now… I get a Twitter for every thing all of my friends are doing in face book, and some of what they are doing in face book is reading about the twitters I am getting, but instead of them reading them in twitter they are getting them sent by SMS to their cell phone, but it isn’t really their cell phone getting them it it the text to Speech Grand Central by Google service which is calling them and Reading out loud to them about the twitters I am getting, and they are doing this while driving down the road autobahn polizei simulator demo kostenlos downloaden. Then since the only person I know who would do this is Robert Scoble… he replies in realtime via QIK, and I watch the on my Nokia N810 while I play Xbox Live Arcade games, which causes my Xbox via to send updates to my MySpace which starts a new storm of messages about how it is possible that I have 10k achievement points and still have time to blog herunterladen.

It’s a vicious cycle, and all of those people who think that HD Video is going to crush the Internet your are wrong it is the feed back loop and portability of mindless events that are going to destroy the Internet font for free. I’m loading up on Steaks and Silverbullet’s cause the army of Werewolves and Vampires are coming to crush my broad band, and they aren’t taking it with out a fight apple music alben downloaden.