Noise in the News

Scoble talks about being a noise junky. The short version is that he likes all of the “noise” on twitter, he receive 1 message a second smartwatch app herunterladen. So why doesn’t Techmeme, or New York Times have noise?

Juice.  If the New York Times says something is worth knowing it becomes worth knowing.  I don’t want noise in my life.  Part of the reason I have liked RSS in the past was that it filtered the news through people that were more of news junkies than I am dropbox multiple photos download iphone.

Now I use Yahoo Pipes, or build my own filters so that I can build small “InstaMemes” that contain news tailored to my likes and dislikes word downloaden windows 8.

I buy my popcorn pre-shucked, my oil already refined, and my news prefiltered.

There are those who enjoy having a conversation in a crowded hall, and those who prefer a quite table.  Part of that is based on how loudly you speak herunterladen.