Spray On Condom Problems

I don’t get to pull the Sex Ed instructor card all that often, but there is a lot of news surrounding a German Spray on Condom.  I had actually been sent a "dip in" condom demo a few years ago, and both of these products have the same problems agenda downloaden.

The first is that in order to get complete coverage they end up being much thicker than a traditional condom.  This means reduced feeling, which can be a mixed blessing depending on who is harder to please the male or the female herunterladen.

Second there is no reservoir at the tip, which is the single most common cause of condom failure, is failure to apply the condom such that there is a bit of space at the end for ejaculate herunterladen.

Third is that most men are not completely hairless.  Even if you are well groomed, even two or three stray hairs are going to hurt a great deal when they are ripped out as you remove the latex.  Hence the expression that some one has you by the short and curlies office 356.

I also think that you can put on a condom rather discretely, with out killing the romance.  Breaking out the spray doesn’t play well with my idea of romance schlager zum downloaden kostenlos.