Tech Crunch Launches Corporate UGC site

If you want your startup to get noticed, you need people to talk about it.  So you pitch not just to VC’s but to the online rags that VC’s read.  Tech Crunch is one of the top online magazines for news about startups, and industry trends, so they get a lot of pitches teamviewer old versions.

So many pitches in fact that they have decided to outsource evaluating them to their readers.  Tech crunch has gone live with "Tech Crunch Elevator Pitches" a video service that gives CEO’s of startups 60 seconds to win over the readers of Tech Crunch.  It’s not exactly clear what you get for winning over the audience, but it does sound like the top hits are more likely to get covered in Tech Crunch audio bibel kostenlos herunterladen.

Currently you have to be CEO or Founder of the startup, and you need to be far enough along to have a product and revenue model in your pitch.  So just doing a pitch that you are going to rid the world of green house gasses through peace and harmony with nature won’t get you any coverage music notes to.

Think of it as Under the Radar with out the Audience critiquing you, or the meals catered by Microsoft.