Verismo the Unboxed Set Top Box

Verismo showed off at Under the radar it’s STB which will play Amazon Unboxed content with out the need for a PC.  The $99 box will debut later this summer and plays content that is encoded with Windows Media DRM, along with Flash content.  This means it is compatible with Youtube, Unboxed, CinemaNow, and others herunterladen.

Verismo is based in Bangalore, and is taking aim at markets where PC’s are less prevalent, and where niche content is more common on the web than on cable or broadcast youtube online musiken.

Verismo’s PoD isn’t limited to the "legal" content either.  The Set Top Box contains a Bit Torrent Client as well, and leverages vTap for search herunterladen.

I was not at UTR this year, but Liz was, and she has video of the Verismo PoD herunterladen.