Katie Holmes is the Anti-Michael Jackson thanks to Purif

Michael Jackson has been criticized for lightening his skin, but Katie Holmes is a bit darker this week, as the result of a reaction to the Hypervitaminosis which often results from Purif.  Purif is the "cleansing ritual" or Scientology’s Purification Rundown meant to detox ones body of all of the drugs stored in body fat through the years herunterladen.

There are some parts of the treatment which might cause you to burn fat, but it is still not something I would recommend.  Through exercise, Niacin, and fasting, the body burns a lot of calories, and is not given many back.  This does cause the body to metabolize fat, but can cause hypoglycemic shock, and other fairly serious problems kinderklubtv liederen.

If dangerous drugs were stored in your body’s fat, metabolizing them all at once seems like it would be a bad idea.

Niacin is an essential nutrient, but the large doses prescribed during Purif cause Niacin Flush, rosacia which can cause problems for people who might not know they have other problems like Raynaud’s Disease (like me). 

Raynaud’s disease and Raynaud’s phenomenon are rare disorders that affect blood vessels herunterladen. These disorders are marked by brief episodes of vasospasm (narrowing of the blood vessels). Vasospasm causes decreased blood flow to the fingers and toes, and rarely to the nose, ears, nipples, and lips nexon herunterladen. The fingers are the most commonly affected area, but the toes also are affected in 40 percent of people with Raynaud’s. 

When combined with the Niacin flush Capillaries can burst causing inflammation, and darkening of the hands, feet, nose, and ears.  Raynauds is more common in people who have lived in a cold Climate, like Toledo, Ohio, where Katie is from herunterladen.