Walk On Back Massage

I have been in search of a good massage place where the therapists stands on my back and crushes the knots out of me… Well maybe firmly encourages them to leave…  If you saw the Charlie’s Angels Scene where Lucy Liu does this to the unsuspecting bad guy, you can understand the appeal chrome pdf nicht herunterladen.

I visited Linda’s Massage in Saratoga, and Anna gave me a great massage starting with her feet, and then finishing with a deep tissue massage by hand.  Well worth the $60 for an hour session.  I feel much more limber, and have much less tension in my legs and shoulders, and my back hasn’t felt this good in years.  I’ll be making this a regular appointment pixel launcher.

Call for appointment (408)292-1016 or walk-ins OK too.


Tell them Brandon sent you.  (not because they will give you a discount, or me a kick back, but because I like people to know that word of mouth advertising works) untermietvertrag vorlage herunterladen.

When you are done check out Tee Nee Thai which is in the same parking lot and has very good Thai food, in a very pleasant atmosphere.