Me Being Metro Revisited.

From a few years back…

"Girls who wax must be insane… In my attempt to be a little more metro, or atleast a little less hick I have been making a concerted effort to do things like make sure I keep my eyebrows groomed, and that the occasional random hair that decides that my adams apple is a good place to grow gets plucked ipad foto herunterladen. So one of my friends recommends Nads, which is this strange Green gel that you put on and then use what looks like a piece of t-shirt to press and rip the hair out "with minimal discomfort" herunterladen. As some one who has had some fairly painful stuff happen… I can say… It ranks up there. It took my hair, my skin, I think there may have been chunks of bone…It certainly gave me worse razor burn than shaving, and my little bits of "t-shirt are now blood stained herunterladen. I’ll stick to tweezers."

I was reminded of the above, because today I dropped a fair bit of money on skin care products, which I will attempt to review, but I got suckered in, because this cute girl with a bit of a french accent practically races over to me from 50 feet away, (felt like those scenes from the movies where reunited lovers run towards each other in the open field) runs the back of her hand across my face, and says, "what do you use as an aftershave kostenlose volksmusiken? ‘Tis positively awful" and she scrunches her face in disgust "Come, seet down, I show you something better"

So I have supposedly purchased $300 worth of cleanser, exfoliant, and aftershave, which she says will last me a year.  Now based on that number I’m looking at $25 a month for skin care.  I barely spend that on TV.  Oh, well.  She says, "You will look 10 years younger, they card you at the raves" Purchased steam games download again.

Also from the past… But relevant as I am buying new to replace old….

Not that it is a big deal, or that any of you need to know about my underwear choices, but I recently bought a package of underwear that is lacking the "barn door" that is common on mens underwear Music download on pc. While it seems a non-issue, it perplexed me none the less that Hanes would make a "Premium" line of boxer briefs that would be missing this "Feature" is it a feature that they don’t have it java 32 bit kostenlos deutsch? Who decided we didn’t need it? And shouldn’t it be advertised that they don’t have it? Just perplexing.

And while I’m on a rant… Why are all shoes in size 14 ugly?  And why am I a 36-36 in wranglers, and 40-34 in Levi’s?  and Hugo Boss Told me "We have nothing in your size you are too tall, try Gap"  because when I’m looking at $150 jeans the place I want to go look after is $15 jeans? 

Ok, I’m going home to give my self a moisturizing treatment, and then overhaul my engine, and cut wood, because if I don’t I may become, emasculate herunterladen.