Like a trophy wife for your phone:The $999 iphone "I am Rich" app

Ever wished your phone looked a little more like a scene from 2001:A space Odessy" Yeah, me neither.  But you could blow a grand and do just that.  And 8 people did.  The idiots bose soundtouch 10 app herunterladen.

The $999 iphone

Similar to the Grand Theft Auto 4 joke about $1000 ring tones.  This is the ultimate bling for the iPhone tiptoi app herunterladen.

If I’d known there was no barrier to getting an app listed in the iPhone App store I’d have made one that did the same thing… but I’d have given you a coupon code to have it tell you how smart, and beautiful you are in a sexy voice using your name avira virus protection for free.