How not to get a Job in any Industry

I’m currently interviewing candidates for a personal assistant.  My busy life with a startup, and trying to not lose ranking in my websites takes a lot of time.  I want to share one response I got which demonstrates what not to do, and I’ll tell you why teamviewer old versions.

I saw your post on Craigslist regarding your search for a personal assistant. I may be able to assist you with some of your responsibilities so you can focus on your career audio bibel kostenlos herunterladen. I see that a lot of the things you listed can be done on the weekend such as running errands, shopping for groceries and clothes, and attending oil change appointments music notes to. I can help you arrange a routine housekeeper to come clean your house as I do not to perform housekeeping duties. I can also help you look after your cats while you are away either on vacation or on a business trip whatsapp automatischen. I prefer not to write blog-posts but hope that I am able to free up enough of your time with the other duties so that you can tend to that. If given the opportunity, I will be happy to accompany you to your social functions but will not accompany you back to your house after any of the "dates" microsoft security essentials windows 7 herunterladen.
I noticed that you are offering $1200/month. My rate for the personal assistant duties is $35/hour. I live in Fremont and will not be needing room and board or food or a laptop smileys zum herunterladen. I would only need reimbursement for costs that I spend for the job (ie. gas, oil change money, clothing if we are attending formal social functions).
A little about me – I am 24 years old and work full-time as an accountant but am flexible around breaks and lunch time to help you manage your appointments herunterladen. I am fun and energetic and I have full sense of integrity. I carry a blackberry and am accessible quickly. I can multi-task and I have a great attitude all around herunterladen. I love learning about entreprenuership and would like to get out of the rat race myself one day.
I understand that you are a busy professional and as such, if there are more responsibilities that you need help with, we can discuss downloaden microsoft store werkt niet. I hope I can alleviate your busy planner and free up some of your time. I hope to hear from you.

My post was pretty clear on what the compensation was.  And if someone wanted to try to negotiate up, I’d be interested, but generally you would negotiate up 30% if you really kicked ass.  Asking for double is not going to happen.  Saying that you are only going to do a small portion of the total job description, like I nanny, but I don’t do diapers isn’t going to fly.  If it were one thing, like "I don’t write blog posts" maybe I’d consider, but saying you can arrange for someone to do those, is far from acceptable ts3 kostenlos downloaden 64 bit.

I’d never take a job as a Fry Cook, and during the interview say, "yeah I don’t actually work the deep fat frier, but I’ll hire someone to do that".

I would also never insinuate that my perspective employer was looking for something inappropriate.  I have interviewed 2 males, for the position who pointed out that they would not be accompanying me on the red carpet as my date.  I also have interviewed to married women who said their husbands would get a kick out of explaining to their friends why they were on my arm at the Emmy’s.

So, He who wishes to remain nameless, if you want to learn about being an entrepreneur you should first learn to be respectful in your communications, that you identify what your clients needs are, and when you approach them, make sure you can answer those needs with in the scope of what they are looking to do.  You failed at that pretty miserably.

In short, you missed the point of the position, which leads me to believe you should evaluate what you want to be doing with your life, because you are looking for a job, not a career. My opportunity is the first step in moving on a career path, I don’t want some one who will just fill the role, I want some one who will do this as a chance to better themselves, learn, and go on to something better.

If any of the rest of you are interested in the position of personal Assistant, you can check out my ad on CL. (domestic gigs)