The company should be seated in two lines facing each other, and one of the party should then be elected to act as judge. Each person has to remember who is sitting exactly opposite, because when the judge asks a question of any one, it is not the person directly asked who has to reply, but the person opposite to the judge etka download deutsch kostenlos. For instance, if the judge, addressing one of the company, asks: “Do you like apples?” the person spoken to must remain silent, while the person who is opposite to him must reply before the judge can count ten; the penalty on failing to do this is a forfeit logisim herunterladen. A rule with regard to the answers is that the reply must not be less than two words in length, and must not contain the words: “Yes,” “No,” “Black,” “White,” or “Gray.” For the breaking of this rule a forfeit may also be claimed neueste version von java herunterladen.