All Aboard:

Props: Towel (larger is better) or

A.L.: 3

D.L.: 3

Focus: Communication / Cooperation

Mount Camp Kimball was thought to be an extinct volcano herunterladen. Unfortunately, those silly scientists were clueless again, and the volcano just blew its top! (Shades of Dante’s Peak here!) Well, when I got out of bed this morning nanny mania 2 free download full version. I flipped on the Weather Channel and noticed that there was a high probability of lava today. Lava? I thought to myself, and so I put on my lava proof clothes herunterladen. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell all of you! (Silly, silly me!) None of you are prepared. (Silly, silly you!) Well, being the kind and generous person that I am, I have looked around and determined that this towel (gesture gracefully in a Vanna White-esque way to the ordinary towel lying on the ground) will be the only place with in thirty miles (that way they can’t try to flee) which will not be covered by lava herunterladen. If your whole group can stand on the towel with no body parts touching the ground for ten seconds, you will all survive.

General Rules:

1 tiktok gratis herunterladen. NO sacrificing people to the fire gods. (We don’t worship false gods, and God is not interested in human sacrifices. So nyaah!)

2. NO heroic deaths to help out the team iphone suchen herunterladen. (You live or die together.)

3. Be careful. There are no wrong solutions, only unsafe ones.

4. No body part can be touching the ground not covered by the towel kartenspiel spider solitaire kostenlos herunterladen kann.

Note: Be nice. Put it near a wall so that they can lean on it (though don’t tell them they can use the wall). Then, when they solve it, move it to the middle of the room map downloaden dropbox. If they solve that, fold the towel by a third and have them try it again. (I had 20+ adults standing on an ordinary bath towel folded to 1 /3 of its original size code blocks kostenlos herunterladen. It can be done!)


Communication. Some groups will attempt a mad rush to get on the towel before anyone has a clear idea of what should be done steam schneller downloaden. These attempts usually fail. This activity needs to be talked over before beginning. Cooperation. You will have groups shove people off to make room for themselves, and you will have boys (especially) afraid to touch girls! They need to work together, especially when the towel keeps shrinking.


Did you succeed in the task? How about the goal? Who was the leader of this activity? Why? On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being that you hate each other and 10 being that you are the perfect team) how did you do? Why do you think that? Is there a better solution?

Spotting Concerns:

Avoid having the group stack people up on shoulders. If they seem like they can handle it, okay, but make sure you are spotting the activity then! If it looks unsafe, it probably is…