All Screwed Up:

Props: Threaded rod (2′-6′ in length), four nuts

A .L.: 3

D.L.: 3

Focus: Cooperation

Credit: Cowstails and Cobras II (page 88)

Have the group circle around Download chrome. Hold up the threaded rod and the nuts. The activity is pretty straight-forward: the group must work together to thread the nuts from the top of the rod until they fall off the bottom ps vita spiele zumen. Give the group a few minutes to talk their ideas over, and then when they are ready, start the timer. Stop the timer when all of the nuts have been threaded over the length of the rod amazon prime download app.

*The record for a group of 12 people working on a 6′ threaded rod with 12 nuts is two minutes. Have fun!

Note: for an added challenge, feel free to increase the number of nuts youtube videos herunterladen macbook. A very fun way to do it is by having one nut per person. Or, if you wish to do something competitive, get two threaded rods and have teams compete against each other herunterladen.


Cooperation. Though there usually is a fair amount of communication going on, this is mostly a cooperation exercise. It takes a surprising amount of cooperation to work the nuts all the way down twitch app herunterladen!


How long did it take? Do you think you could have done better? On your second attempt, did you improve systemsoftware 6.71 cannot be downloaded? Who had the best ideas? Who did the most work? What ideas didn’t get tried that might have helped the group out?

Spotting Concerns:

If it is a large threaded rod, be careful it doesn’t fall on anyone kostenlos musik downloaden ohne app. This may seem pretty basic, but it is a very real concern! Make sure your threaded rod is in good condition; nicks, cuts and burrs can do a lot of damage to participants’ hands pubg kostenlos herunterladen ps4.