Amoeba Race:

Props: Rubber chicken (or a bucket of water)

A.L.: 3

D.L.: 2

Focus: Cooperation

Credit: Kimball Camp YMCA

Circle herunterladen. Kimball Camp YMCA [or the name of the group leader, your school, etc..] has a problem: some idiot has left a rubber chicken wedged dangerously close to its heart herunterladen. Your group has volunteered for the special (pronounced: “dangerous”) mission of being shrunk down small enough to enter the Camp and deal with the pesky chicken musikprogramm gratis herunterladen.

To be ready to enter the heart of Kimball Camp, you must be converted into a cell. Have the group figure out how to divide itself into two equal teams herunterladen. Ask for one group to volunteer. Take the group that volunteered and have them link hands and form into a circle with the participants facing toward the outside of the circle, not the inside .net 4.8 herunterladen! Explain to the group that cells have two parts: the cell wall, which you have standing before you; and the inner gooky stuff. The second group is the gooky stuff and must get inside the cell wall herunterladen. Now, the group is ready to walk down and retrieve the chicken.:)

Fun rules:

1. The group must move together. If the cell wall “ruptures”, the whole group will start over herunterladen.

2. The group must NOT injury anyone. If there are cries of pain, the whole group will start over.

3. No one on the -cell wall” is allowed to pick up the chicken vera. It must be somebody on the inside.

Variation: to make things more challenging, when the group picks up the chicken, explain to them that the added weight has caused the cell wall to become unstable and it begins to shrink spotify herunterladen tv. Now have the cell wall link elbows, instead of hands. The group is now ready to return to the starting point. :)


Cooperation google b├╝cher downloaden kostenlos. Moving in a blob is a tough scenario. Do this one while the group is still fresh and nice smelling: At the end of a hot, sweaty day, the group will kill you for choosing this activity as a wrap-up. Also, if you chose the bucket of water instead of the rubber chicken, feel free to throw the bucket of water on the group when you are done…


Who was in the middle? Who had the toughest job to do? Why? Were you successful? Why or why not? What could you have done differently? (Was it worth all the trouble to save the camp? On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t ask that question!)

Spotting Concerns:

Watch people who are walking backwards, they are prone to slip. Watch out for those on the inside because they can get stepped on and trampled. Is this a race? No. Does it have to be done at a run? No. You may wish to point this out to the group if they are having problems with attempting a 200-meter blob-dash. :)