Ant’s Eye View and Micro Parks

Activity: Ant’s Eye View / Micro Parks

Props: Toothpick flags see box

Location: Forest

Tell the students that they have just become park rangers at a very unusual park: the Ant’s Eye View National Park. They, as forest rangers, must come up with attractions that visitors to Ant’s Eye View would like to see. Have the students look around the area for something which an ant tourist might find interesting; it can be something like a crack in the ground (the ant Grand Canyon) or a twig (the World Largest Tree). Students must find something and plant their flag by it. As soon as everyone has found an attraction for the micro-park, go around and have each student explain what they have found and why it would be an important attraction at Ant’s Eye View.


Viewing things from other perspectives. Too often we study the world on the macroscopic level, in other words, we look at the big picture. However, this activity stresses viewing the world from the microscopic level, the little pieces which make up the whole. By doing this, students will learn to look more closely at the things around them.


  • What would a twig look like to an ant? (A tree.)
  • If a twig looks like a tree, then what must a tree look like to an ant?
  • What difference does size make when looking at things?
  • What does a human look like to an ant?