Balance a Dozen Nails

Balance The Nails:

Props: Block of wood w/ nail in it, 12 nails

A.L.: 1

D.L.: 5

Focus: Communication

Credit: Not sure microsoft works suite 2004 kostenlos downloaden. Classic of Low Ropes.

The object of this activity is to balance all twelve nails (or any even number of nails) on the single nail pounded into the block you tube as mp3 download. You are only allowed to use the materials provided (no glue, rubber bands, etc.. ). All nails-must balance on the single nail, not being propped up or supported by any means (no nail can “lean” vti imageen. all must be suspended). The nails must remain balanced for at least ten seconds.

Place in front of your group the block of wood with the nail driven into the center of it and the remaining 12 nails alle bilder einer urlen. Story: a long time ago, the ancient Hytechs, a tribe of Indians living in South America, required a test of courage, intelligence and, more importantly, patience of a select group of their people lwarb mods herunterladen. The test was simple: using only the block of wood and the nails provided, the group had to work together to keep all of the nails from touching the ground herunterladen. The way they were to do this was to place the block upon the ground with the nail pointing toward the blue, blue sky. They were to then work together to balance all of the remaining nails, at the same time upon the head of the nail pounded into the block instagram download saved images. When they were finished, the balancing nails could only be touching the head of the nail pounded into the block (bit redundant, huh?). The nails could not be held together with anything, supported by anything and could not be propped against anything, they could only use themselves to stay together and hang in there word viewer kostenlos herunterladen! Every thousand years, the test is given to a new group of adventurers; you have been chosen! Now is the time to pass the test, prove your worth, earn fame and fortune, make your mark in history, win every major sporting event, free Han from Jabba’s palace and, once and for all, prove that Elvis is still alive alte netflix app downloaden! (No small task, earning fame and fortune, that is.)

Note: This activity, while possessing no immediate physical threat, can lead, quite rapidly, to conflict gps routes downloaden garmin. Different people, different ideas and a lack of communication and cooperation skills can quickly tear a group apart. Do NOT use this as a, “Hi! Welcome to Low Ropes.” activity! Use this after you have done some communication training first!


Communication. They must talk the idea out to solve it! Be aware: Some groups have already done this activity, and so it is likely that in almost every group, you will have one person who actually knows what to do. Muzzle them immediately! Let the group process it first before you take the activity away from them and give them the answer. Cooperation is also important_ but this is mainly a communication activity.


How many people talked at the same time? How many sat back and observed’? Who were the leaders? Who had the most constructive ideas? Why? Was anyone intimidated by this activity” Why? (Usually it’s because they tend to hang back while the more aggressive types battle over the nails!)

Spotting Concerns:

Frustration. Otherwise, there is very little danger in this activity… (I hesitate to say that, because the second I do, someone will find a way to injure themselves!)