Balance Practice

Balance Practice:

Props: Funnoodles, balls, etc.. A.L.: 3

D.L.: 3

Focus: SOTR

Credit: Silver Bullets (page 147)

Very simple activity wat is fbif. Take a funnoodle and place it on your hand. Balance it for as long as you can. Feel free to run around to prevent the noodle from falling. Who can keep it on their hand the longest instagram videos download online? That’s great! Once you have the feeling for this game, switch to placing the funnoodle on your chin, forehead and the nose. How well did you do with the noodle in those places 7 zip download kostenlos deutsch windows 7? Now, how well do the balls work?

Note: The purpose of this activity is to get the group to laugh at itself. If you have a group, especially of either adults or “At-Risk” youth, this is a good way to start herunterladen. It allows the group to have fun, sets a light tone for the day, and makes failure perfectly acceptable. This is one of the keys to working a Low Ropes, never take yourself or what you do too seriously asphalt 8 free for pc! :)