Blind Object Retrieval

Blind Object Retrieval:

Props: Blindfolds and an object (bucket of water, coffee can, rubber chicken, etc.)

A.L.: 2

D.L.: 4

Focus: Cooperation

Credit: Kimball Camp YMCA

Have the group assemble in a circle on the edge of a wide open space (fields and/or playgrounds work well) horror spieleen kostenlos deutsch. Hand out blindfolds to everyone in the group and have them put them on. Check to make sure that no one can see anything. Again, you should stress that the goal is teamwork, and that cheating is not going to help the team vlc player kostenlos windows 8.1. Once everyone is set, take the object out and place it somewhere in the open space. The group must now work together, while blindfolded to relieve the object instagram bilder herunterladen online. The rules are simple:

1. Everyone must leave their blindfolds on.

2. The group can work together or separate.

3. If you shout “stop” everyone freezes until you correct the problem

(e.g discord für windows herunterladen. Someone walking straight toward a solid object). When the

problem is fixed, you will shout “go” to resume the activity.

4 vba herunterladen. NO RUNNING.

Otherwise, the group is on their own to figure out the solution.


Cooperation. I know some of you are wondering if this might not be a Communication activity, instead herunterladen. Well, if you think that, you are also somewhat right! Only “somewhat”, however, as this is really Cooperation. If the team splits off and runs in all directions, they will fail Farming simulator 17 free full version. Together, systematically, they stand the best chance of beating this activity!


Did you work together or split up? How many of you think this was the best choice filme aus itunes downloaden? Why? Was there any way, short of cheating, that would have helped you find the object faster? Why or why not?

Spotting Concerns:

You have anywhere from 6-300 blindfolded people moving around an area spotify fehler beim herunterladen. This, in and of itself, is a problem. Watch closely to make sure people are going to smack into things. It may seem like a funny idea, but the group will never trust you again jump run spiele kostenlos downloaden. Also, be prepared to sideline any participant who is running around and endangering the other participants!