Blind Square:

Props: Blindfolds

A.L.: 1

D.L.: 2

Focus: Communication / Cooperation

Credit: Cowstails and Cobras II (variation of page 81-82)

Circle bwin android herunterladen. Have the group hold onto hands, shut their eyes (or blindfold them) and Listen closely. They are, now, in a circle. They must form themselves into a perfect square without opening their eyes netflix browser herunterladen! They may release hands, but don’t let people wander from the group! When they think they are finished, have them stand still and open their eyes (or remove their blindfolds) and take a look at their work free youtube to mp3 converter kein video zum downloaden.


Communication. How did they share their ideas of what a perfect square was? Cooperation. How was the plan achieved landscape pictures to?


Was there a main leader? Would it have been easier if there had been one? How could this have been done faster? Does the rest of the group think the new plan would have worked better herunterladen? Why or why not? How difficult was this to accomplish? Why?

Spotting Concerns:

Here we have the ever-famous, “let’s squeeze the other people’s hands until they cry out” routine alle fotos von der icloud herunterladen. Watch out for that. Make sure all movements are slow and gentle to prevent accidentally poking someone with the blindfolds on.