Blindfolded Birthday Line Up

Birthday Line-Up:

Props: Just your group (blindfolds optional) or TP Shuffle in the Green Course

A.L.: I

D.L.: 1

Focus: Communication

Credit: Kimball Camp YMCA (is also in almost every Low Rope manual out there)

Have the group line up in any particular order boxel rebound download. Then, have them line up by last names. They are allowed to talk, and move freely. Okay. That was tough! Now, while they are standing still, cover your mouth and look up at the sky series from netflix. Oh drat! That was an acid rain cloud which passed overhead. Acid rain, here in Low Ropes Courses, has a terrible effect: it makes you mute. No one in the group can now make a sound quicktime download for free! They can’t even move their mouths! (Watch closely. Groups will try to cheat by mouthing the information. Stress that you want to see if they can do it without cheating, but that it really doesn’t matter if they succeed or not youtube videosen chip. Trying is all that counts.) They must now line up in order according to birth date by month and year. You DO NOT care how old they are. If my birthday is 12/03/65 and someone else’s birthday is 01/05/92, they are first (because January 5 comes before December 3 on a calendar!) wordart kostenlos downloaden. Remember: you DO NOT care how old they are! (Some groups will struggle with understanding this.) Tell them to go for it. When they think they have the solution, start at the end they tell you and have them say their birthdays to see if they were right skyrim kostenlosen.


Line up by MIDDLE name. By favorite animal by size. By number of siblings. Etc. My favorite variation, however, is to blindfold them, tell them they are mute, and have them line up (without sight or sound) by favorite color of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet (Roy G schriften zum herunterladen. Biv). If their favorite color isn’t one of these, have them pick from the rainbow for just this exercise. Believe it or not, this activity can be done without cheating gta 5 game lists!

Note: Watch for cheating. No matter how much you stress this, people will continue to cheat. If it becomes too bad, stop the activity and re-explain to them that it doesn’t matter if they accomplish their task; only the goal is important, and a true team doesn’t need to cheat download work programs for free. Also, his activity can be done on the T.P. Shuffle (if you have such an element). It’s fun to start out with this and then take them to the Shuffle to finish the activity herunterladen!


Communication. But how is it communication? You can’t talk after the first time! Communication is defined as the sharing of ideas. It can be through speech, writing, pictures or even touch! (Have someone close their eyes and guide them around by applying pressure to their shoulders.) Even that is communication!


What form of communication is easiest for us? (Speech.) Why? (We use it all the time.) Is it difficult to get used to other forms? Why or why not?

Spotting Concerns:

Not much here, either, I’m afraid. Watch out for blindfolded people doing, shall we say, “inappropriate groping”? Make sure everyone moves slowly to maintain a high safety level.