Everybody Up:

Props: Just your group

A.L.: 3

D.L.: 2

Focus: Trust l Cooperation

Credit: Silver Bullets (page 100)

Have each person find a partner, sit on the floor, and face each other. They must put their feet together, bend their knees, link their hands, and pull themselves up to a standing position. When some of the groups have accomplished this, then have them split up into groups of three, four, etc.. Finally, after they have mastered four, have the entire group try to pull themselves to their feet at the same time!

Rules for the activity:

1. They must PULL themselves up, hence the reason for hanging onto each other hands!

2. All derrieres must leave the ground simultaneously. No standing and then pulling the other person/people to his/her/their feet!

3. In large groups, hand and foot contact must be in such a way that a current of electricity could pass through the entire group! (In other words, don’t allow the group to split into tiny groups just to accomplish this activity.)

Variation: Have the group do it back-to-back. Do NOT allow them to link arms, though, due to the possibility of shoulder dislocation!


Trust and cooperation. Communication becomes important with larger groups. Groups of 50+ will need to do some heavy-duty thinking to come up with a solution.


Did the group do it right? (i.e.. Are they on their feet? Did they come up with a solution?) Does it matter how they did it, provided they didn’t cheat? Do they feel good about themselves? ‘Nuff said!

Spotting Concerns:

Watch to make sure people have a strong grip on each other. Be aware of what people will fall on if they do slip. Again, as always, watch for people goofing off. If it gets to be a problem, remove the people from the activities or you can be their partner!