Great Egg Drop (not so Mini Lesson Plan)

The Great Egg Drop:

Props: Eggs, Straws and Masking Tape

A.L.: 1

D.L.: 1-5 (Trying to get it to survive Dante’s Peak alpenvereinaktiv karte herunterladen? 5 is way too small!)

Focus: Communication / Cooperation

Credit: Cowstails and Cobras II (though it’s been done forever”)

Mars, the red planet, the source of countless alien invasions, is now the place of our dreams joyn downloaden. NASAl, the National Air and Space Administration, Ltd, has authorized the research funding for a new program: the “Mars Lander”. This ambitious project will successfully enable mankind to step on the soil of another world (and spur a whole new generation of mothers to shout, “Stop tracking all that dirt into my house!”) myst aktivierungsschlüssel herunterladen. Due to typical governmental bureaucracy, the funding came only to $103.8 billion dollars which, due to the way the government spends money, would only buy the cheapest of materials and then, not very much partizip ii. The paycheck for people working on the project comes only to a few pennies which, after taxes, would put the designers even further into debt. So, in a desperate attempt to save the program, they scoured the world to find the best, the brightest, (the cheapest), people to construct their lander out of the best materials they could buy mods minecraften. (At this point, begin handing out the scientific equipment to the group, or, if they are a large group, split them into smaller teams of approximately 6-10 people each.)

The first piece of equipment is the Simulated Micro-Astronaut / Lander Likeness (SMALL, for short), also pronounced “egg” songs at deezer. Next, are the 20 Stress-Transfer Reduction / Absorption Wires (STRAW, for short), also pronounced “straw”. Finally, there is the 30″ of Trans-lateral Adhesive-Propertied Edification (TAPE, for short), pronounced: “Scotch” herunterladen. Using these objects, each team of research scientists must assemble a Lander prototype which will enable the SMALL, nicknamed the “egg” for obvious reasons, to survive a drop from heights of 5′, 10′, and, the supreme test, 40′ wiso mein geld herunterladen!

Note: Place a garbage bag below the “landing site” to speed up clean-up. Also, this is a group activity. Don’t let one person in the group dominate the whole process kostenlose antivirenprogramme zum downloaden!

Variations: Have the Landers constructed on a time basis. Whoever has theirs done first gets “bonus points” if their egg can survive pc games kostenlos downloaden deutsch. If it dies, then the group’s egg that survives the fall and took the least amount of time wins. You can also base it on the amount of materials. Whoever uses the least and still has their egg survive, wins! (Play around with what criteria you want to determine a winner.) Also, just because the egg is broken, it doesn’t mean the team has lost. If their egg is the most intact out of a bunch of smashed eggs, they win anyhow!


Communication. If a group jumps into this activity without thinking about how they will construct their lander, it will be luck if the egg survives. On the other hand, if they plot how they will build it, the egg has a great survival ratio! Also, it is critical in this activity that everyone is heard! The shy people may have the best idea, but be unable to verbalize it if the group is unwilling to pay attention. Cooperation. They have to work together to assemble the lander, otherwise they will squander their materials and not have a working lander.


Which eggs survive the five foot drop? Why? How about the ten foot drop? Why? Did any survive the 40 foot drop? Is it possible, using the materials you had, to make a lander to survive that large of a fall? (I really don’t know, but I would assume that there would have to be!) Did being done first make a group more successful? Did other groups survive? So being done first doesn’t truly matter if the goal is survival?

Spotting Concerns:

Make sure everyone is clear of the drop zone. Make sure cooperation is enforced, otherwise frustration builds up and teamwork suffers.