Group Juggle:

Props: Tennis balls

A.L.: 2

D.L.: 2

Focus: Communication

Credit: Cowstails and Cobras II (page 84)

Circle. The facilitator then takes one tennis ball from the crate beside them (trust me. you will need plenty of tennis balls for this activity) and then throws it to someone in the group, (henceforth designated as the party of the first part, or, for all legal purposes forthwith) Person A cannot mms. Person A will only ever catch a ball from the facilitator. No one else will ever, for any reason, throw to Person A. Person A will then turn and choose someone else in the circle and will throw the ball to them. We shall call that person, (be ready, creative moment coming) Person B. Person B will only have a tennis ball thrown to them by Person A. So, get ready and try to follow along: Person A will only receive tennis balls from the facilitator, and will only throw them to Person B herunterladen. The ball is passed around until everyone has received it. After the last person in the group catches the ball then it is thrown back to the facilitator who takes it out of the game.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… No wait! That’s Star Wars. Actually, you have been sent out on a mission by the famed nature magazine, International Geographic, to search for the extremely rare, living tennis balls kostenlos spiele downloaden bubble. You have had great luck on your mission, and managed to acquire a small collection (or, if you have lots of tennis balls, tell the group they multiply like Tribbles) for your own personal menagerie. Living tennis balls, however, once deprived of their native habitat, have proven to be incredibly allergic to most items living in our country. For example, they are deathly allergic to our grass, dirt, concrete or whatever surface you happen to be leading this activity on ac dc herunterladen. You see, their heart beats normally after they are removed from the crate (squeeze the tennis ball to simulate a heartbeat), but, if the ball touches the ground (demonstrate this), the ball dies (show the group the “dead” tennis ball). However, it is not a critical thing, since all facilitators are required to learn TBR: Tennis Ball Resuscitation. (Do some “chest” compressions, and Poof tax notice wiso! The tennis ball is back to life!)

Rules of the game are as follows:

1. Pass the tennis ball through the circle. (ie. You throw to Person A, they throw to Person B, etc..)

2. If the tennis ball goes all the way through without being dropped, start another one. Do NOT throw both balls at the same time. My general rule of Juggling is that once Person A has thrown their ball to Person B, I will throw the next ball in my hand to Person A herunterladen. That way, it prevents a huge mix-up. However, if Person A holds onto their ball, I will wait until they have thrown it!

3. The 50% Rule: If a group manages to get 50% or better tennis balls through in a round, add another ball. When they complete 50% or better of five tennis balls, then give them: The FINAL Test!

4. The FINAL Test: Give everyone in the group a tennis ball firefox filmeen. Everyone follows the same pattern! Person A still throws to Person B. Now, however, they must try to find a way to get every ball through! If a group gets stuck, ask them which ball has the longest distance to travel. (Yours. It still must be handled by everyone else in the circle.) Which hall has the shortest? (The person who throws to you.) Once you catch it, you toss it back in the crate.) The easiest solution to this problem is to have the person who throws to you (we’ll call them Person Z) go first free minigolf games to download. Once you’ve caught their tennis ball, Person Z is now empty-handed. Person Y then throws their ball to Person Z who throws it to you. Person X throws to Person Y who throws to Person Z who throws to you. This way, everyone in the group, except you, of course, will only have to handle one ball at a time! Any other solution, at least that I’m aware of, will involve everyone holding onto at least one ball while trying to catch another herunterladen.

5. If a ball touches the ground, it is out. Have them leave it on the ground until the end of the round. If a ball is caught by the wrong person, it is out. Have them drop it on the ground and leave it until the end of the round.


Communication. This is a classic model of communication study certificate uni bielefeld. What happens if everyone on the FINAL Test tries to throw their tennis balls at the same time? (Many collide and never make it to their mark.) Why? (Too much confusion!) What happens if everyone in a group is talking at the same time? (Too much confusion, and the group never achieves its goal.) What is the best way to do this activity? (One person throwing at a time.) Why? (That way everyone focuses on the one object moving.) How is this like communication? (One person talking at a time is understood. Anything higher than that results in miss-communication.)


See Focus for the start to processing this one. Did you get all of the tennis balls through on the final time? Why or why not? What could you have done differently? Was everyone always watching for the person to throw a ball to them? What could have been done differently to correct this? Did the group blame someone for dropping a tennis ball? What was their reaction, and what should it have been?

Spotting Concerns:

People throwing the tennis balls at high speeds. If people aren’t paying attention, it is not unusual for people to get a tennis ball in the face! Make sure that the group is focused on the task, and you shouldn’t have that much of a problem with people getting hit by tennis balls…