Group Jump Rope:

Props: Large climbing rope

A.L.: 4

D.L.: 2

Focus: Cooperation / Communication

Credit: Thank you gym class…

I would like to take a moment to apologize… I only am going to tell you the basics here herunterladen. Get a partner, and swing a giant rope. Participants enter and jump rope one at a time and stay in until everyone has been added. If the rope gets stopped, either have everyone start over, or just start where it’s at kalender 2019 excel herunterladen. Trust me, approximately 20 people, untrained, jumping rope at the same time? That’s challenge enough! ‘Nuff said!


Cooperation eso. It takes a lot of work to get everyone in jumping rope! Communication. Primarily requires people to shout, “Now!”


Don’t over-process this one aktuelle android version herunterladen. It’s simply a fun, warm-up activity!

Spotting Concerns:

People tripping! Plain and simple, people fail to jump to properly and get hit by the rope and go down mit welcher app kann ich videos von youtubeen. (This is an activity not to play on a gravel or black top surface!) Also, watch out for people running into each other when you do multiple people jumping at one time herunterladen!