Group Lap-Sit / Sitting Circle

Group Lap-Sit / Sitting Circle:

Props: Just Your Group

A.L.: 2

D.L.: 2

Focus: Trust Cooperation

Credit: Kimball Camp YMCA

Circle herunterladen. (Circle is used in place of assemble the group into a circle, facing inward, and awaiting further instructions.) Have the group turn to face the back of the person in front of them herunterladen. (Kind of confusing, I know, but picture a single-file line which just happens to be in a circle!) Have everyone shuffle INWARD until everyone’s toes are touching the heels of the person in front of them netflix serien herunterladen ohne app. (Warning: They will attempt to move forward, thus shifting the circle around forever and ever. They must move in to shrink the circle to get everyone heel to toe.) The Facilitator (you) should then step out of the circle and tell everyone to pay attention ebook op pocketbook. You will count out loud. At “one”, everyone bends their knees slightly. At “two”, a little more. At “three”, everyone sits on the lap behind them paintball kostenlos downloaden. (*** Show them what you want! ***)

Hint: everyone must sit in such a manner as to keep their knees together. In other words, people need to sit in such a fashion as to allow the person in front of them to have a lap download dvd brenner kostenlos. The number one problem that causes people to miss a lap is because there isn’t one behind them! :)

Step back into the circle (if you are participating) and begin the count jumpin jack spiel kostenlosen.

Note: this will only work if everyone trusts everyone in the group! If one person fails to sit, misses the lap behind them, or tries to support the group without sitting down, the whole circle will collapse herunterladen! (This is a problem.) If it fails, have everyone stand back up and begin again. They must be able to hold the circle for 10 seconds. (If done properly, have them sit for a time giving each other shoulder rubs herunterladen. It’s very comfy!) If everyone sits properly, they will all support each others weights equally (ain’t Physics cool?)! That way no one gets overloaded herunterladen! (My weight is on your lap, but your derriere is being supported by someone behind you so my weight gets channeled all the way through the circle! Confusing, but definitely fun!)


Primarily Trust. Communication is direct (you speak, they listen). Cooperation is there, but not central. Caring is important (you don’t want to drop anyone, and you must make sure you give a good back rub!).


What was the task? (To sit on each others laps.) What was your goal? (Teamwork.) Did you accomplish your task? Did you accomplish your goal? How important were each of the 3 C’s? Yada yada yada… (In other words, take it from here!)

Spotting Concerns:

Make sure the ground is free of all sticks and twigs and other painful things, just in case the group slips. Watch for those who are afraid of trusting the group. They will cause the downfall of the entire group. It’s not their fault, however. They need to build trust, just like you and I!