Activity: Hug- A – Tree

Props: Blindfolds


Divide the class into groups of two and blindfold one of the partners youtube playlist kostenlos downloaden. Have the sighted person lead the blindfolded one to a tree within sight of the Instructor. The person who cannot see is to explore the tree in any way they choose: touch, smell, taste (not recommended), as well as by exploring the ground around the tree ndr mediathek beitragen. When the person without sight is finished exploring, their partner leads them back to the starting point and removes the blindfold. The person who had the blindfold must now search for their tree based on what clues they gathered when they explored it alte kinderserien downloaden.

Note: If they arc wrong, have their partner show them the tree that they did explore. Also, the route to and from the tree does not have to be straight; students may weave around to try to confuse the blindfolded person herunterladen.

Switch the blindfold to the next person and begin again.


Using other senses to explore the world around us pdf sam herunterladen. Sigh for most people, is the primary way in which they experience their world. Depriving a person of sight encourages the development and reliance upon other senses and creates a unique way of exploring something common herunterladen.


  • Did you find your tree? Why or why not?
  • Was there one main characteristic which helped you find your tree netflix tv ipad? What was it?
  • How hard was it to find your tree? Why?
  • Would it have been hard for you to find your tree if you could see it? Why or why not schriften frei herunterladen?