Images and Descriptions

Activity: Images

Props: Images Box

Location: Anywhere

Pull out an object from the box and pass it around movies warez. Students are to describe the object using short, one- to two-word phrases. Nobody can say the same thing about the object, but must find something different about it word 2016 kostenlosen vollversion deutsch. The group may help if the person cannot think of anything. Once everyone has described it, hold up another object and try again.


Learning to describe objects in more than one way video von website downloaden ipad. This activity stresses going beyond just a simple, obvious explanation and allows students to come up with more creative ways of describing the same item tolino ebooks herunterladen. This is especially important as students develop their writing skills.


  • Was it easier to be first or last to describe the object einarmiger bandit kostenlos downloaden? Why or why not?
  • Did other people use your ideas? What did you have to do then?
  • Was there any object which was really easy to describe herunterladen? Why or why not?
  • Was there any object which was very difficult to describe? Why or why not?