Marshmallow Bridges

Marshmallow Bridges:

Props: Marshmallows, toothpicks, two blocks of wood

A.L.: 1

D.L.: 1-5 (the longer, the tougher)

Focus: Communication, Cooperation

Credit: Kimball Camp YMCA Nature Center (Geodomes)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has finally come to this: the city is broke oude labels. We promised the voters more; a bigger, better city of (Your city’s name), and that’s what we’ve done. There are more taxes, bigger debts and better ways to take your money herunterladen. Unfortunately, the only campaign promise we weren’t able to deliver on is that new bridge we were supposed to construct over the mighty “Friendship Creek” at Camp Runamok (Yep, that’s the name of our stream for those of you who didn’t know!) Gee zehnfingersystem lernprogramm kostenlos downloaden! How can we fulfill our promise to the voters?

That’s where you come in! You, the engineers who designed the Lander (if you haven’t done that obstacle seven seas solitaire kostenlos downloaden. this is pointless reference…) have now been commissioned to create the utmost in modem structures! It must be big! It must be breathtaking! And, it must be cheap musik von youtube auf iphoneen! (The operative word in any Low Ropes manual.) We scrounged around the City Hall cafeteria and discovered a case of unopened marshmallow and a box of toothpicks eingebettete filme downloaden.

However, since we are on a deadline, here, you will be given all the materials you need but will only have 15 minutes to do it in! (Half an hour is acceptable if you have time…) You must build your bridge ONIY out of the toothpicks and marshmallows herunterladen. The bridge must be strong enough to hold its own weight up. The way you prove this is by setting the blocks one inch from each end of the finished bridge whatsapp android kostenlos downloaden ohne google. If the middle sags to touch the ground, the bridge does not pass inspection and must be rebuilt.

The longest spans we’ve ever had in half an hour were approximately 18 inches internetradioen. Some schools have reported very large bridges, but have worked on them for months on end. Have fun!


Communication. It will take a while for groups to decide on the structure they must build and how each person can contribute schriftarten für windows 10en. Cooperation. This is a nice way to determine who the “dominant” personalities in the group are. This can also be used to “level” the groups because everyone can have equal say. You’ll find that in a timed activity, those that don’t work well with others tend to work alone. By themselves, there is little or no way to win.


How well did your group work together? What could you have done to make a bigger bridge? Did your bridge sag in the middle? Did anyone in the group come up with a way to prevent the bridge from sagging? How? How well did your teammates listen to your ideas? Etc.

Spotting Concerns:

None really. I did have someone sit on a bridge one time. It was exceedingly painful to them (and for us who watched it and endured the cries of agony.) I recommend against this, of course. I could explain why but, well, you get the point… :)