Mine Field:

Props: Carpet squares and blindfolds

A.L.: 2

D.L.: 3

Focus: Communication Credit: Silver Bullets (page 24)

Before this activity begins, lay out a maze of carpet squares within definite boundaries herunterladen. Have the group split into pairs and have each couple stand on the starting line. Hand blindfolds out to the group, and have them, a few at a time (the number will depend upon the number of people you have) attempt to traverse the maze lego anleitungen zum downloaden. The way it is done is like this:

1. The person who is blindfolded must follow the directions of their partner, and cannot attempt to feel their way across the maze gta 5 handy herunterladen.

2. The person who is sighted, must attempt to lead their partner faithfully (no running them deliberately into obstacles) through the maze.

3 herunterladen. The person who is blindfolded is the only one who may enter the maze. The sighted person must remain behind the starting line and guide their partner from there herunterladen. 4. If a blindfolded person steps on a carpet square, they must pay a forfeit. Either start over, or be led to somewhere else in the maze. It’s up to you, facilitator, to set the penalty they must pay whatsapp downloaden op mac. The same thing is true if they step out of bounds.

Note: The more people actually participating in the activity at the same time will bring about mass confusion in the group go west noten kostenlos downloaden. Be extra careful to spot people and prevent them from running into objects. Also, feel free to change the maze once half the group is blindfolded. That way they can’t rely on memory to guide them through, but forces them to rely on their partners free cut pattern download cosmetic bag.


This activity can be a lot of fun, but there are even more entertaining ways of changing it to make it more interesting german photoimpact 10 for free. One variation is to prohibit speech. Give each pair about two minutes to come up with the form of communication (or sound) they will use. They may make sounds to communicate to each other, but they are not allowed to speak actual words birthday song to download! (This forces them to take communication to a higher level!)

Also, you can change the game to “Heat Seeker” where the group becomes missiles. Take three sets of partners and place them on the starting line; place a chair at the far end of the maze; and choose one pair to be the guided missile and the remaining two pairs to be the heat seekers. When you say “go”, the guided missile begins to be directed toward the chair at the far end. After ten seconds are up, you say go again and the heat seekers begin to “track” the guided missile. If the guided missile reaches the chair at the far end and sits down, the guided missile team wins. If the heat seekers “intercept” (pronounced: tag) the guided missile, they win for that round. If someone touches a square in “Heat Seeker”, have them stand in one place for 10 seconds as a penalty!


Communication. We define communication, usually, as talking and listening, but is that all there is? Is sign language communication? What about writing? Touch? There are many different ways to communicate ideas, we just need to explore them…


Was it difficult to hear your partner with everyone talking at once? Did it help when you weren’t allowed to use words? (Surprisingly, most groups will say yes. It’s easier to listen to a distinct sound than all the babbling from the guides.) Is this activity impossible? (No, just very, very tough!) Which “C” is the main one for this activity? How could this activity have been made easier.

Spotting Concerns:

Avoid having blindfolded people running. This is usually a bad concept. Make sure you watch the people giving directions to verify they are telling them the truth! (You will occasionally have a practical joker. Not funny, though.)