Nitro Can Pass:

Props: Coffee can / bucket of water

A.L.: 3

D.L.: 1

Focus: Cooperation

Credit: I’m fairly certain this activity came from Karl Rohnke, but I’m not sure which book…

Circle herunterladen. Have the group take a seat upon the ground, facing inward. A nuclear reactor has just gone critical. Unfortunately, some idiot left a can of nitroglycerin sitting right next to the reactor core download acrobat reader kostenlos! If it is not removed before the meltdown, it will explode, throwing nuclear waste everywhere. (Basically, picture everyone glowing in the dark for the next few thousand years.) Realizing the plight (isn’t that a cool word lightshot kostenlosen? Say it with me, “Plight”), you turn back to get the can, so that you can heroically save the day.

How to play:

1. Place the empty coffee can in front of a person randen en arceringen. They must now pass it around the circle. However, since the can has been in contact with radioactive material, you obviously don’t want to touch it with your hands videosen youtube firefox! (That would be silly!) So, the group must pass it around the circle without using their hands. (For questions as to what constitutes a hand, please see “The Webbing Race”.) If anyone uses their hands or lets the can touch the ground, start the can over hoe een youtube film.

2. There now, that wasn’t too hard. Now, however the group has to pass it around the circle without using their arms at all. (For those who protest, explain that you want to keep the radiation as far from their attractive faces as possible, lest they melt off into a pile of goo upon the ground!) Now, if anyone uses their arms and/or hands or lets the can touch the ground, start the can over thunderbird rest of the message.

3. Now, they are ready for the next step. Fill the can about halfway with water. This water is the nitroglycerin. If a person uses their hands / arms, allows the can to touch the ground, or spills the water, they must now start over vera herunterladen. And, as an added bonus, if they do spill vitro, then take the can back, put more water in it than there was the time before! This is called “incentive” to prevent them from spilling the water.)

Note: Don’t do this on a very cold day or with a group that has no sense of humor ccleaner kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch. People getting wet is not necessarily a good thing if they are not going to be happy about it. You’ll know which groups to do this with!


Primarily Cooperation, though Communication does play a major role itunes apple de. The group must be able to work together in order to solve this problem. Different ideas and different approaches may be used, tons of advice will be given, but when it comes down to actually passing the can, it is Cooperation, pure and simple. Those that can work together will succeed, those who can’t, won’t. (Trust me, lifting a can of water, by yourself using only your feet/knees/teeth/etc. is a difficult feat (no pun intended). You want all the help you can get.


Which “C” was most important in this activity? Why? What did it take to solve this? On a scale of one to ten, how well did you Communicate? Cooperate? Care? Why did you pick that number? Was there an easier way to do this? Is there anyone who would have done it differently? Why?

Spotting Concerns:

Avoid having the group use their teeth. It is bad for dental health. Watch the sharp edges found around coffee cans! Preferably, find cans that do not have sharp edges.