Nitro Crossing:

Props: Red Course

A.L.: 3

D.L.: 3

Focus: Cooperation 1 Caring

Credit: Cowstails and Cobras II (page 104)

Your group is the top flame-jumpers in the country adobe connect kostenlos herunterladen chip! You have been sent in on over 10,000 flame jumps, and have only been fried and toasted 9,999 times (not counting the current mission). Despite the multiple skin grafts, you continue to do your job and do it well herunterladen. You have always managed to put out the fires, and so you have been sent out to combat the worst forest fire to ever hit the deserts of Arizona. The fire has been raging out of control and vast tracts of the desert have been wiped out herunterladen!

You are packed into your special equipment, armed with high explosives (to blow out the fire, you are told) and given specialized, kerosene-treated parachutes and then shoved out of the plane youtube musik auf ipaden. Sure enough, functioning true-to-form, the parachutes immediately burst into flames and you descend rapidly (like a stone, rapidly) into the heart of the fire herunterladen. True-to-form, you impact hard (but survive) and again, realizing that they didn’t send you any gear with which to fight the fire, you begin to wonder if the leaders of the program truly don’t like you adobe flash player apple kostenlosen. Naw! Couldn’t be that… Anyhow, you immediately search for the high explosives, only to realize that they must have drifted off course. You set out immediately to find it…

After hiking for many miles, you discover the explosives herunterladen. One small problem, though… (Isn’t there always?) It’s trapped on a small outcropping of rock in the middle of a huge canyon. The fire is raging behind you, safety lies on the far side of the canyon, and if you have the explosives (nitroglycerin, in this case), you

can get picked up and dropped into the heart of the fire again so that you can complete your original mission die sims 4 haare downloaden. (Boy, you people are dedicated!)


1. The can of water must start in the middle, right underneath where the rope hangs down.

2 herunterladen. Mark two lines on the ground to act as starting and finish lines.

These lines should be at least eight feet apart and not more than 16 feet. (I recommend 10 feet as a happy number.)

3 netflix on philips tv. No one is allowed to touch the ground between these two lines. If they do, the group starts over.

4. If the group is doing well, fill the coffee can about 3/4 full with “nitro” (water). If not doing well, do about t/2. If the nitro is spilled in crossing, the group must also start over.

5. Groups must figure out how to get the rope initially. You can allow them to use sticks, but I prefer not to. Depends on their physical abilities.


Cooperation. Watch to make sure that everyone is included. Remember: the entire group must cross the canyon to safety! This means that the group might want to figure out who will have a difficult time and what it will take to get them through…


How did the group do? Why? Could they have done better? Why or why not? What other ways can the water be picked up? How tough is it to get the rope in the middle?

Spotting Concerns:

Always check the rope for signs of rot and/or damage. Watch for heavier people who may have a difficult time hanging onto the rope. Make sure the group takes this into account. Do not let people get left behind… (As always.)