Parachute Play:

Props: Parachute

A.L.: 3

D.L.: 1

Focus: Cooperation/Caring

Credit: Second grade gym class at Hillcrest Elementary School, Ellsworth, WI :)

Circle ashampoo bildbearbeitungsprogramm kostenlos downloaden. Spread out the parachute around the group and have them take a few steps back. (Note: For outside rim.) With the parachute tight, have the group practice the basic parachute move filmeen ohne internet. Shout “Up!” When my ‘chute, you need to take up some of the slack. In other words, have them grab 1-2′ in, rather than on the you say that, everyone must flip the parachute above their heads, holding it high as it begins to drift back down herunterladen. Then, you shout “Down!” At this point, everyone must drag (and it can be quite an effort) the ‘chute back to the ground, so that their hands are all resting upon the parachute upon the ground wpad.dat herunterladen. (In other words, don’t have them standing up, holding the parachute at waist level.) Make sure they go all the way up and all the way down. It will be very important for later parachute activities icloud alle fotos auf iphone herunterladen. Play this way for a few minutes. It’s a lot of fun


Flip the ‘chute up into the air, have everyone lay flat on their backs with everything but their heads under the parachute and then have them pull it back down to earth older os x. Now everyone is snug and warm under a large blanket!

Flip the ‘chute up into the air, have everyone lay down on their stomachs and pull the parachute down around their necks, so that only their heads are under the inflated parachute videos from amazon prime. They are now ostriches!

Flip the ‘chute up in the air and simply let go!


Cooperation. It takes a fair amount of teamwork to move a parachute pop up blocker herunterladen! However, since this activity is non-threatening, it’s a great way to “slow down” in the middle of the day, while still working on the group’s teamwork goals diashow programm download kostenlos. Communication. Now is a good time to explain “direct communication”: I talk, you listen. In the following parachute activities, all communication will be direct owa zertifikat herunterladen. Is it a better form of communication? No. It just happens to serve the purpose, and prevents confusion.


Don’t bother. You can ask a couple of questions, but it’s no that critical. Use this activity, instead, as a springboard into other parachute activities…

Spotting Concerns:

When playing with a parachute, always beware of people being clothes lined by the edge of the ‘chute. Otherwise, this is a fairly safe and froofy activity..